What makes a good location?

Office Evolution looks for sites for service franchise opportunities close to members’ homes and surrounded by amenities

For our service franchise opportunities, we know how to find the best location out there. So what do people want when they look for office space? They want the office to be attractive, they want it to be convenient, and they want to have nearby amenities such as places they can have lunch, or nearby shopping to make it easier to run errands before or after work. They also want their commute to be as short as possible.

Office Evolution’s location strategy delivers on all these desires. We work with franchisees to find areas with restaurants, shopping, services, residential neighborhoods, as well as a concentration of approximately 1,700 home-based businesses. Many of our offices are located in or near suburban lifestyle centers.

We then look for 5,000- to 8,000-square-foot spaces to convert into the Office Evolution concept.

Our location strategy has several strengths:

  • Convenience. Office Evolution locations are typically within a 10-minute drive for the members.
  • Cost. The relatively small square footage required for an Office Evolution center makes the startup costs lower.
  • Break-even. An Office Evolution location will typically have 20 executive office suites available in addition to virtual office services. Since there is less office space to fill, the space is filled more quickly, which helps franchisees hit break-even.
  • Scalability. Office Evolution locations are meant to be small compared to most executive suite and co-working models. This allows our Business Center Managers to provide a high level of customer service without daily oversight from the franchisee. This means that franchisees can dedicate their time to opening additional locations, and to increasing the penetration of the Office Evolution brand within their market.

Site characteristics

The Burlington, Massachusetts Office Evolution, one of the service franchise opportunities that already has much success.
The home of Office Evolution of Burlington, Massachusetts.

The offices do not need to be in a luxury skyrise in a prestige location, but they should be in attractive, well-maintained Class A or Class B office buildings with available parking and easy accessibility. Office Evolution looks for first-floor and second-floor locations to make access easy for members and their clients. Low-rise buildings are ideal, as well as areas which offer retail amenities.

Great shops and restaurants are valuable neighbors for Office Evolution. First, business people who want to have great lunch and dinner spots where they can take a break or entertain clients love them. Second, they enhance work-life balance by making it easy for Office Evolution members to run quick errands on the way to and from work. Third, and strategically important for franchisees, they attract foot traffic that helps more potential members discover Office Evolution.

Help finding a location

When looking into service franchise opportunities, Office Evolution is with you every step of the way. Office Evolution works with a nationwide network of commercial real estate brokers who can help franchisees find suitable sites to operate a Business Center. The brokers develop a list of target sites and set tour dates with the franchisee, with an emphasis on finding spaces that already include many existing improvements that are needed for an Office Evolution location, which helps hold down buildout costs and speeds up the development process. Office Evolution’s corporate team approves the site, and then helps guide the buildout process.

The buildout process

The home of Office Evolution of Littleton, Colorado.
The home of Office Evolution of Littleton, Colorado.

Office Evolution reviews the space planning for the new office layout and provides feedback on construction pricing, construction management consulting, technology specifications and installation assistance, art and equipment consulting, as well as furniture design, ordering and installation.

“Throughout the buildout, there was someone to hold my hand,” says Cully Fredricksen, a franchisee in Mill Valley, California. “I didn’t know where to put data ports and how to lay out the space, and they had it all figured out. It was like going to college and having a really great instructor walk me through the process.”


Partner with one the best service franchise opportunities, Office Evolution. We commit to finding the location that will spur your success, as well as your members’ happiness.

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