What is a Virtual Office member?

Virtual office members allow franchisees to drive revenue without adding additional square footage

Virtual franchises and office memberships make Office Evolution stand out from the crowd. These memberships allow franchisees to potentially increase revenue-per-square-foot. That’s because offices and common meeting spaces are shared by dozens of people. How? They only stop into the office when they need to host a meeting, which they book in advance. By sharing space, they can save a significant amount of money. By making the same square footage available to dozens of businesses, you can generate significant membership revenue.

Virtual franchise infographic: Virtual office members spend $177 per month on average.

In many ways, Office Evolution’s virtual franchise model is similar to the business model of gyms that will have 20 treadmills, 20 exercise bikes, 10 ellipticals, and 1,000 members. Members happily pay to have access to equipment that would otherwise be out of reach. Meanwhile, gym owners generate significant recurring revenue from members who want access to state-of-the-art workout tools.

Office Evolution offers similar value to virtual office members, and members reward franchisees with a stream of residual income in the form of membership fees. Since not all virtual office members access the location at any given time, you can add dozens of virtual members to an Office Evolution location.

The virtual office membership model makes the Office Evolution business much more scalable. Just because you have only 20 offices doesn’t mean you’re limited to 20 members. You might have 50 or 100. Eventually, you’ll want to open another Office Evolution location to give members more private executive suites they can access as their businesses grow — but the virtual office membership model gives you the flexibility to increase your client roster and revenue even before you start building additional locations.

What we offer virtual office members

Virtual office members choose from a range of services, some of which are provided by the Business Center Manager for their locations, and others that are provided by Office Evolution’s centralized call center.

Infographic: There are 24 million non-employer businesses in the USMail & address services. The most inexpensive option provides a place where members can securely receive packages and establish a professional business address. The Business Center Manager sorts the mail, signs for packages, and keeps it in the member’s locked mailbox. Members stop in during business hours and can get some work done in our co-working area. They also receive member rates if they need to rent space for a meeting.

Phone answering services only. Members can use Office Evolution as a virtual receptionist by signing up for services from our centralized call center. The service helps members grow their business by making sure they never miss a call from a potential customer. In addition, it screens out telemarketing calls, helping members stay focused on growing their business.

Professional meeting rooms. Members can book time to meet clients in conference rooms or day offices — furnished offices that are rented by multiple virtual office members. Some monthly rental time is included in membership packages. While in the office, virtual members have access to copy and print services as well as support of the office manager.

Complete virtual office package.
 The highest-tier virtual office members receive 24/7 access to Office Evolution facilities, and take advantage of both our mailing services and our call center capabilities. They receive tremendous administrative support from Office Evolution without the expense of hiring someone to act as an executive assistant.

The Ultimate Virtual Franchise Option

It’s not hard to see why Office Evolution’s virtual franchise model stands out. While other virtual franchises focus on big names, we’re committed to the success of our clients. We want to see complete success in all of our locations, and that means for our virtual franchise owners as well as their virtual members. Join the team, and see just what we mean.

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