A Semi-Absentee Franchise Model With Massive Growth Potential

Office Evolution business centers require just one employee, a few hours a week from owner

For investors, one of the great things about Office Evolution is that it’s a recurring membership model that offers investors a semi-absentee franchise model. Franchisees can maximize the revenue they generate per square foot, while only needing to work a few hours a week.

Office scene of semi-absentee franchise.

The first corporate-owned Office Evolution location opened in 2003, registering to be a franchise in 2012. We offer the ultimate flexibility for members, giving monthly options instead of yearlong leases. Yet, most members stay with us an average of 5 years, because the services we provide are so valuable. From mailing and phone services to office spaces, our mission is to make running a business more simple.

These services, all great for in-office members, also attract virtual office members who spend most of their time traveling or working from home. These members rely on Office Evolution to provide administrative support and professional meeting spaces. For the franchise owner, these virtual clients lead to boosted revenue without the need for more space.

Making money, saving time

The services these customers love are delivered by the Business Center Manager — your sole employee — and by Office Evolution’s corporate team, which provides the technology infrastructure to support 24/7 access to offices, as well as the centralized call center that helps members win clients. Your job? Provide a nice space, oversee your Business Center Manager, and help them market the business.

Really, it’s just a couple of hours a week.

For Ryan Coburn, who owns the Office Evolution in Aurora, Colorado, the business model has allowed him to benefit from a thriving business that he spends just a few hours a week managing.

“I look over the financial reports that my Business Center Manager provides on a weekly basis, pay some bills, and handle other administrative things,” he says. “But really, it’s just a couple of hours a week. So, that has allowed me to pursue other activities, like a documentary film on organ transplants that I’m helping produce. It’s left me time to engage in other areas, and time and existing revenues I can use to open more Office Evolution locations.”

Cultural shifts have primed the industry for growth

Infographic: The rise of the shared workplace in the sharing economyThe market for shared office environments is exploding, making this semi-absentee franchise opportunity even better. Several trends are converging to push entrepreneurs and corporations to look for flexible office environments. CBRE, in a report titled “The Rise of the Shared Workspace in the Sharing Economy,” cites four “megatrends” that have made solutions like ours more popular:

  1. Economic uncertainty. Businesses of all sizes have lost interest in committing to a long-term lease, instead preferring flexible office situations. Companies also are increasingly allowing employees and managers to use remote offices, which helps retain top talent. Office Evolution provides the environment to make remote work more productive.
  2. Technology. It’s easy to work from anywhere with Wi-Fi. While working at a coffee shop is a common start, self-starters eventually need an environment that suits their growing success. Virtual office memberships provide the office amenities and co-working spaces they need.
  3. Re-urbanization. The cost of downtown offices has spiked, thanks to the influx of people back into the cities they work. This makes it pricey for startups to get their own office. Shared office space spreads the cost of real estate. The mistake our competitors make is focusing on big downtown spaces, in the middle of downtown traffic. Instead, we focus on areas near where members live, between big cities and suburbia. This minimizes commute as well as cost, making everyone happy.
  4. Community. CBRE argues that the influx of Millennials into the workplace is breaking down barriers between work life and social life. We use this to our advantage, without going too crazy. Instead of the stiff corporate offices or the hipster Ping-Pong obsessions, we focus on spaces that help you get work done. We aim to be a professional environment that promotes networking and friendships among business-minded people to help one another reach their goals.

Don’t miss out on this timing to be a semi-absentee franchise owner

The need for office space is only growing, so take advantage of this market. With the semi-absentee franchise model, your job has never been easier. You’ll be providing a space for fellow entrepreneurs to grow their own business, which will in turn grow yours! Being an Office Evolution franchise owner requires the ambition of an entrepreneur, but only a few hours a week to keep it going. Fill out a contact form today to see how this opportunity can fit into your life.

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