Business Franchise Opportunity: What is Office Evolution?

Business Franchise Opportunity: Office Evolution is a leader in the $2 billion executive suite and flexible office industry

A Business Franchise:  Founder and CEO Mark Hemmeter has created work spaces that help members accomplish more and network. In doing this, he’s proven it’s possible to build a successful business that strives to help others succeed. The first Office Evolution opened in Denver in 2003, and the company began offering their business franchise opportunity in 2012. Hemmeter says, “During the nine years between our first two milestones, we developed sophisticated systems, training programs, and technology to help us efficiently and profitably manage our own offices. We also made mistakes, and refined our business model to continuously improve performance in the then-emerging market for co-working spaces. Those lessons are now benefitting franchisees nationwide. We have quickly expanded throughout the United States, from Los Angeles to New Jersey.”

We are a leader in the fast-growing executive office suite, flexible office space, and co-working industries. As a $2 billion-a-year industry (IBISWorld), flexible office spaces represent an evolution of the commercial office industry.

As a business franchise, Office Evolution is a part of the $2B services offices industry.


You know what Commercial Office 1.0 looks like: a long-term lease, pricey furnishings, and office manager interviews. If you’re a big business with a large staff, Commercial Office 1.0 may be perfect. Many of our clients turn to this solution once they outgrow us. We celebrate this growth, and are proud to have been a part of their story!

Commercial Office 2.0 is meant to accommodate today’s small businesses and take advantage of cultural shifts to create new solutions. One of the biggest cultural shifts to happen in the last decade is the growth of the sharing economy. Companies like Uber and AirBnB are built on the idea of resource sharing.

Co-working spaces allow small businesses to share common resources — conference rooms, kitchens, internet and phone service, and office managers. Office Evolution members also benefit from a centralized call center that helps members serve existing customers and win new ones. Together, these services allow small organizations — even solo operations — to serve their clients with professionalism and responsiveness.

How our spaces are different

The spaces at Office Evolution, a business franchise, are highly professional. You won’t find ping-pong tables and dartboards in an Office Evolution. Instead, you’ll find a Business Center Manager who greets and directs visitors. He or she also introduces new members to others who share the space, building connections among members who may be able to complement one another’s businesses.

Chart showing what people value in a serviced office.

Our locations are typically 5,000-8,000 square feet, which is smaller than many executive suite businesses or co-working spaces. Why do we no think bigger is better? This size has several advantages:

  • Best service: Members enjoy more personal service from Business Center Managers, which helps boost client retention.
  • Total costs: Smaller space means lower startup costs for investors, as well as a faster break-even.
  • Location strategy: The low startup costs and break-even point allow Office Evolution franchisees to quickly open multiple locations. This is a great strategic advantage, since commute times are a major factor in where people choose to have their offices. As more Office Evolution franchises open, member benefits skyrocket, since members have access to every Office Evolution.

How our services are different

Handy key fob to access Office Evolution building.

As a business franchise, Office Evolution sets itself apart within the industry by offering flexible solutions, monthly memberships, and all-inclusive pricing. Our model is meant to fit the needs of members, so we make sure we have options for every step of building a business.

Members can start out with something as simple and affordable as a membership that includes a professional mailing address and mailing services. From there, they can also sign up for phone answering services (a Virtual Receptionist) through Office Evolution’s centralized call center. They can rent space on an hourly basis to hold client meetings. If they need regular use of the office, they can sign up to be a Complete Virtual Office Member, which includes mail and answering services as well as 24/7 access to shared work spaces and business lounges. As their business grows and their needs change, they can step up to an executive suite. They can then sign up for multiple offices as their business and team expands. And Office Evolution is with them every step of the way.

The flexibility of our solutions makes it simple and easy for small businesses to impress clients and become more efficient in a professional space, so they certainly don’t miss working out of a coffee shop.

Who is an ideal franchisee?

As a business franchise, the ideal Office Evolution franchisee seeks to be near ambition. While it isn’t require to spend a lot of time at their locations, they often want to, because of the creative and can-do spirit of members.

Why Franchisees Choose Office Evolution: 1. Recurring income stream, long member retention. 2. Easy to manage. Only one employee, oversight takes just a few hours a week. 3. Growing Industry. 4. Love supporting entrepreneurs.

“It feels great. I am so proud and humbled by what we’ve created down here and what we get to be a part of,” says Cully Fredricksen, owner of the Office Evolution in Mill Valley, California. “One of the things that I hadn’t really considered that actually happens is you walk in the kitchen and Karen the financial advisor is talking to Andy the lawyer, and then Scott the IT guy walks in and they’re all sitting around the coffee pot and they’re becoming friends. And some of them are even going into business with each other. And we’ve played a small part in that. It’s tremendously gratifying.”


The ideal franchisee is eager to build a community and create a professional and collaborative space for entrepreneurs. In doing so, they are building an engine in their communities that can help take dreams to the next level. Office Evolution also provides a networking spot for the local business community. The ideal franchisee loves networking events, not just because they’re great to find new members, but also to introduce existing members to new connections.

An ideal Office Evolution franchisee loves business, as well as helping fellow entrepreneurs thrive. Sound like you? Join our team and be part of the Ohana.

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