Office Evolution’s Corporate Culture

Founder’s Hawaiian roots help define win-win caring culture for coworking franchise

Office Evolution, a coworking franchise, lives by five values. Most importantly, they are built around the core concept of “Ohana.”

1) Ohana

The first is a Hawaiian term, “Ohana,” which means extended family, including blood relatives as well as friends, who all need to look out for one another and work together toward a common purpose.

Founder and CEO Mark Hemmeter made Ohana central to the spirit of Office Evolution. He believed that by creating spaces that help members accomplish more, network more effectively, and pool their resources, he could build a successful business predicated upon helping others succeed.

He sought to build a sense of community among members, in which networking events allowed them to meet, share ideas, and work together to accomplish goals. Then he decided to make the Office Evolution concept into a coworking franchise. By pooling the resources of investors nationwide, he could work with them to build a powerful network of locations — and could also use their combined buying power to bring more services and better deals to members.

Ohana, and its emphasis on mutual support, is the cornerstone of our values system.

2) Ownership

The second value is ownership — having a sense of responsibility and not passing the buck. When a Business Center Manager needs to serve a client, he or she owns it. This mentality both empowers and holds everyone accountable.

Coworking Franchise Values: Ohana, Ownership, Win-win, Simplicity, Authenticity

3) Win-Win

The third value is “win-win.” Every relationship we enter into, we want everybody to win. We want all parties to profit and be happy. And so we work to find solutions that foster success.

4) Simplicity

The fourth value is simplicity. We try to keep things simple. We know this company’s going to grow and get very, very big. As organizations grow, it’s very easy for them to become complicated. It’s harder to keep them simple, so we always focus on simplicity.

5) Authenticity

The fifth value is authenticity. We’re human beings, so we make mistakes, but when we make mistakes we own them. We’re passionate about business and about people, so we understand that  trust is central to healthy relationships.

Ultimately, it all comes back to Ohana, and the idea of building a community that cares about and cares for one another. Yes, we’re a business, so we have plenty of signed legal agreements. But at our core, we are dedicated to fighting for your business to help you be successful, whether you’re a franchisee or a member.

“We’re flexible and supportive and we’ve got a great ear for listening,” Hemmeter says. “We really identify with what’s going on with our franchisees and we’re really, really supportive.”

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