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Office Evolution franchise review shows the Office Evolution difference

Our franchisees have had much success, but that’s not all they say in their Office Evolution franchise review. Check out how the Ohana mentality makes our franchisees happy to be part of the team. We love to work with them, too!

Office evolution franchise reviews from Cully Fredricksen and Sandra Sims

Cully Fredricksen and Sandra Sims

“My Business Center Manager and I share a vision of how to serve our clients. We really enjoy the people the we have here. There’s laughter and warmth and humor in our center. It’s palpable. … The other thing I love about my business is the freedom. I started my business at 56, which is the age my dad was when he retired. It doesn’t take all my time. My wife and I, we’re going to Hawaii, we’re going to South Carolina for a wedding, and then we’re going to Europe for three and a half weeks. Why? Because I have a franchise and a Business Center Manager that allows me to do that.”

— Cully Fredricksen, owner of the Office Evolution business center in Mill Valley, California. His Business Center Manager, Sandra Sims, was named Business Center Manager of the Year for 2015. Before opening his business center, Fredricksen spent his career as an actor. He also has more insights than most into Office Evolution founder Mark Hemmeter — his brother-in-law.

“I really would not consider myself a full-time ‘Office Evolution person,’ or owner. What I’ve been able to do is put in processes have people in place so I can really run it in a few hours a week, just looking over the financial reports, paying some bills, and doing some other administrative things. It’s a self-sustaining business. That allows me to pursue other activities. So, if I want to go back into being a corporate person, that’s great. Right now, I’m doing some real estate development and rehabs down in Colorado Springs. So really, what this has allowed me to do, then, is also to build wealth in this arena.

Our goal is never, really, to have just one of these. We want to get one up and running, understand the business model, and then be able to stack the second and the third and the fourth one. The business really was designed so that we would be able to leave it in the hands of a capable Business Center Manager, and then be able to grow additional businesses.”

— Ryan Coburn, owner of the Office Evolution in Aurora, Colorado. The former management consultant left corporate life after managing finance for Boeing and providing marketing strategy and analytics for Dish Network. He is helping to produce a documentary on live organ donors and altruism within the transplant community.

Office evolution franchise review: Dan Synwolt, center, with a guest at the front desk of Synwolt’s Office Evolution.

Dan Synwolt, center, with a guest at the front desk of Synwolt’s Office Evolution.

“More and more people are able to do what they need to do remotely. They don’t have to go into a brick and mortar corporate office. I’ve looked at the trends of the industry, and it’s all pointing toward more people working remotely. Even big companies that have brick and mortar offices, those footprints are becoming smaller, and high-speed internet and cloud applications are making it easier for their employees to work remotely. The downside of working remotely is that it often means working from home. I have a wife and a kid and a dog at home, and as much as I love them all, sometimes it’s not that easy getting work done. …

What I liked about Office Evolution is the people who are supporting the franchisee. They have owned businesses themselves, they understand what entrepreneurs need, and they have very entrepreneurial minds. They’re very easy to work with, very flexible, and I like that. That’s something I really haven’t experienced too much in corporate America.”

— Dan Synwolt, owner of the Office Evolution business center near O’Hare Airport in Chicago. Before joining InXpress, he was a data storage salesman and a manager for IT companies including Oracle. He also owns a business cleaning acoustic ceiling tiles for commercial clients such as Panera.

“I really like the whole culture. They have a saying that they’re a part of an “Ohana”, the Hawaiian name for a family. The idea is that those people within Office Evolution — the franchisees and the franchisor — create an Ohana, as well as creating it with the members. It really is this mindset of trying to help everyone be successful, and treating everyone fairly and with respect, and treating everyone like family. Whether it’s a member, or whether it’s another franchisee, or the franchisor themselves. I really like that.”

— Mark Dresdner, owner of the Office Evolution in Bergen County, New Jersey. A former hotel executive, he has a background in private equity and venture capital, and has developed growth strategies for numerous companies.




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