What do clients say?

Office Evolution customer reviews

While you can take our word for it that our members love what we do, now you don’t have to! We value each and every client, because they are part of the Office Evolution family. Fortunately, they also feel the same way. Check out these Office Evolution customer reviews, so you can see for yourself.

Lori Ropa

“Quite honestly, it’s the caliber of people we’ve been working with: the individuals that have been engaged to answer phones for us. We have a great trust for one another and respect for one another. They are a part of our team and they know that. I would say that each and every one of them feels invested in our mission. For us to have a business partner that is so invested in our mission means the world.”
— Lori Ropa, The ARC. Office Evolution’s Customer Care Center provides call management services for members nationwide. Our corporate team manages this service, and allows you to provide significant value-added services to members — including virtual office members who provide revenue without needing space on a daily basis.

Charlie Stivers

“I utilize the virtual office membership with Office Evolution mainly because I’m not a desk guy. I’m a relationship guy. I love getting out there and meeting people, and what Office Evolution provides to me is the flexibility and strategic locations around the whole metro area where I can just drop in if I just happen to be in the area, or maybe catch up on emails, internet access, phone calls, or maybe have a professional place to meet a client. The flexibility, convenience and professionalism are the top three reasons that I use Office Evolution.

The other reason I like Office Evolution is they do have locations placed strategically around the metro area. I ran into them first and foremost because of where I live, but then in areas where I’m doing most of my business they just have great locations for many reasons: meeting clients, getting work done at the last minute, as a drop-in. I can cater in lunch for some clients or do a continuing education class. So there’s all kinds of things that I use Office Evolution for like that.”
— Charlie Stivers, Founder of TexCare Restoration, speaking about how he uses Office Evolution in Denver. Office Evolution’s model calls for 5,000 to 8,000 square foot offices, which draw from a pool of approximately 1,700 nearby home-based businesses. Mid-sized and larger cities can support several Office Evolution locations.

Russ Minary

“Office Evolution offers reception services, first class office space, copier, mail room, kitchen — it’s a really nice face and voice for my business. And I need a place where I can have a nice office space and meetings with my clients. I think for any small business person who is considering leasing office space, this is a great combination. It is extremely cost effective. Office Evolution is my business partner.”
— Russ Minary, Founder of On Purpose Enterprises.

We hope these Office Evolution customer reviews have helped tell a little more of our story, as well as some of our valued members. Now, we’d love to hear yours, also! So fill out a form to contact us today.

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