Maximize ROI on commercial office space by opening an Office Evolution

Office franchise’s business model provides centralized services that boost potential revenue for landlords

If you are a landlord of an office buildings, you already know that success is a simple equation. By maximizing your Rental Dollars per Square Foot and retaining strong members, you boost revenue. Now, you can partner with one of the most profitable franchises to achieve this goal.

Two business people working at one of the most profitable franchises, Office Evolution.

Office Evolution is a fast-growing office space franchise that provides executive suites, flexible office spaces, and virtual offices to  professionals and small businesses. Best of all, we offer landlords more revenue per square foot than the traditional commercial real estate model.

Why choose Office Evolution?

  1. We focus on small businesses and remote workers. Office Evolution provides flexible workplace solutions and value-added services such as call answering and appointment setting. Office Evolution offers these services from a central Customer Care Center in Denver. You market these solutions to business people in your community. You can generate additional revenue with Zero additional square feet.
  2. Typical offices have “physical tenants” who come to work every day. Office Evolution business centers also have “virtual members” who may or may not come to our space.  They utilize answering services, appointment setters, and mailing services to show their clients how professional they are. Virtual members are like gym members. Just like 100 gym members may share a single treadmill, dozens of virtual members drop in to use Office Evolution’s space for an hour or two at a time, when they need it. Virtual memberships are more like a subscription service than a commercial lease — they don’t require additional space, and even when your executive suites are 100% occupied, you can keep signing up members and increasing your revenue potential.
  3. Many virtual members graduate to fixed permanent offices. Office Evolution is a “feeder system” for the rest of your building. If you own multiple commercial properties, Office Evolution can also serve as a feeder system for your larger offices. As Office Evolution members’ businesses grow, they graduate to needing their own private offices or multiple offices. Eventually, they may outgrow Office Evolution altogether. If you have other commercial properties to offer these growing businesses, you can leverage your existing relationship to potentially save thousands in commercial real estate commissions.

Capitalize on the growing industry

According to the SBA, there are 28 million small businesses in the United States who account for about 66% of all new jobs. More than 16 million of these business have 5 employees or less, and they have radically different needs than larger businesses. “Small” business doesn’t mean undercapitalized, unprofitable, or unstable. Many office Evolution clients are also CPAs, attorneys, management consultants, and marketing firms.

This is a highly lucrative market that the traditional commercial real estate landlord doesn’t understand or support. Instead they all seem to compete for the 10% of the businesses that fit the traditional commercial real estate model.

By establishing an Office Evolution location, you can cater to the massive and under-served small business community, let us provide them the services they need to grow, and then offer the fastest-growing companies larger offices as their needs evolve.

Want to learn more about one of the most profitable franchises?

When you look at the most profitable franchises, you’re bound to notice that the Office Evolution model promotes your success. To learn more about Office Evolution, what we do, and how we may work together to maximize your tenant retention and rental dollars PSF, call us at 877-475-6300 or fill out the contact form next to this page. We will reach out within 24 hours.