Office Evolution: Turnkey office franchise creates an entrepreneurial haven for the mobile workforce

Office Evolution franchise provides recurring revenue to owners; flexibility and services to expanding businesses

Office Evolution is a fast-growing office space franchise. We provide executive suites, flexible office spaces, and virtual offices to the nation’s growing ranks of independent professionals and small businesses.  We are committed to our partners, so the Office Evolution franchise model is built for franchisee’s success!

There are about 24 million non-employer U.S. businesses, according to the IRS. There are also more than 3.5 million U.S. businesses with 4 employees or less, according to the Small Business Administration. At the same time, technology and competition for talent has led more corporations to allow employees to work remotely.

Office Evolution’s business model — which includes executive suites, co-working spaces, and shared conference rooms — is designed to be convenient for professionals. An attractive membership program, as well as office space and support programs, gives professionals flexibility in choosing services. While other executive suite and co-working businesses typically focus on large downtown spaces, we have a different goal. We aim for a network of smaller offices spread throughout a city, serving the entrepreneurs who live nearby. They get to stay close to home, while also being able to access any Office Evolution business center — whether it’s across town or across the country. See how this model’s success can also mean yours.

The estimated five-year compound average annual growth rate for the co-working industry is 21%. This is on of the reasons an office evolution franchise is a great investment!

What makes an Office Evolution franchise a compelling investment?

Office Evolution is ideal for entrepreneurs who are looking for a business that creates recurring revenue, is highly scalable, and can be managed effectively with a time commitment of just a few hours a week. It’s also perfect for people who enjoy the energy of entrepreneurship and want to create an environment that fosters creativity and growth.

Office Evolution office space is clean and professional.

Here are some of the factors that set us apart as a business opportunity:

  • Residual income. While other executive suite and co-working firms offer space to work, we also offer additional services. These services also help clients easily manage their business and serve their customers. Office Evolution clients sign monthly memberships, but they typically remain members for years because of our flexible spaces and extensive services.
  • High-growth industry. Executive suites, co-working spaces, and virtual offices are exploding in popularity in response to workforce trends. Many of the 24 million sole proprietors are tired of working from home and using Starbucks for meetings. Whether they need a professional mailing address and a board room, a call service to handle customer inquiries, or adjoining office suites to house a growing staff, Office Evolution is the answer.
  • Multiple revenue streams. Office Evolution owners make money by renting executive suites. They can also earn revenue from hourly fees paid to use professional meeting rooms, and by virtual office membership. Virtual membership offers a professional mailing address, call center services provided by Office Evolution’s corporate team, and access to the business lounge.
  • Only one full-time employee needed. This is a professional Business Center Manager who greets clients’ guests and manages day-to-day operations. These Managers are often former business owners themselves.
  • Simple to manage. Our semi-absentee model allows franchisees to focus on opening additional locations rather than managing the offices themselves.
Business Center Managers are a crucial part to the office evolution franchise model.

What differentiates an Office Evolution franchise from other franchises?

We know that there a ton of options out there — so what makes us different from other franchises? Apart from our Ohana mentality, there are many reasons Office Evolution draws investors.

Here is what franchisees enjoy as a part of the Office Evolution family:

  • Clean, upscale, professional environment. Unlike franchise opportunities selling haircuts or hamburgers, franchisees own a business that is consistently clean, and highly professional.
  • Passion for entrepreneurship. “I love being around entrepreneurs,” says Office Evolution founder and CEO Mark Hemmeter. He goes on, “I don’t care what your business is as long as you want to own a business. You could be a website developer; you could be in doggie daycare. It doesn’t matter to me — but the idea of owning your own business is incredibly empowering, and I love being around those people.” Office Evolution’s spaces and services are carefully designed to help entrepreneurs thrive.
  • The opportunity to add value to the local business community. Office Evolution brings entrepreneurs together. Yes, we rent space, but we also serve as a business incubator, with business owners sharing ideas and forming partnerships that power growth. We also host business networking events, which help our clients expand their circles of influence while also drawing in new clients eager to be part of our community.
An Office Evolution franchise is part of the $2B services offices industry.

What is driving the industry’s growth?

With wages largely stagnant for several decades (Bureau of Labor Statistics), many Americans are pursuing business ownership to accommodate. At the same time, technology has made it much easier to work from anywhere. Entrepreneurs often start by working from a home office or a coffee shop. It’s a low-overhead solution for people who are bootstrapping their new enterprise — not so different from starting a computer company in your parents’ garage, really.

Eventually, successful business owners need the professional polish of an office where they can meet clients and collaborate with colleagues. They may not need the space every day, or even every month, but they need to have a professional space available when they’re ready to make a big sales pitch to a client and close a deal. This is where an Office Evolution franchise comes in, built to bridge the gap between .

Office Evolution is meeting entrepreneurs’ changing needs with flexible agreements and a simple pricing structure. Members can choose from month-to-month tenancies or more traditional six- or twelve-month agreements with offer incentives. Our virtual packages provide a business address, phone services, and both on-demand and shared office and meeting room space. Even more onsite services make operating a small business easier for members and increase revenue for Office Evolution Franchise Owners. Members enjoy 24/7 access to all locations to accommodate their specific work schedules and the needs of their customers.

It’s not just small businesses that need the flexibility. In order to compete for clients and for talented employees, large corporations are increasingly leasing executive suites to establish satellite offices. Flexible office options allow corporations to test potential expansions.

Who are Office Evolution’s clients?

Our clients come from many different backgrounds and businesses, but they fall into three basic buckets:

Growing small businesses. These are entrepreneurs who have outgrown their ability to run the business by themselves out of their home office. They’re great at attracting clients, and now they need some administrative help, professional services, and meeting areas to grow.

An Office Evolution franchise opens coworking space for nearby professionals. Large corporations with dispersed work forces. Software companies, accounting firms, law firms and other companies may have employees stationed near a key client. These companies need flexible office space.

Virtual clients. These are clients who want to use a business mailing address or answering services for their home-based business. They also enjoy dropping in to use co-working spaces and to be around other business people. In addition, the ability to rent meeting space is a huge plus as they work to impress clients.

On-demand access to office space with great support services is a compelling offer to many on-the-go professionals and small businesses.

Do I qualify?

The startup costs for an Office Evolution franchise range from $288,000 to $853,000. Candidates should have $300,000 (per unit) in liquid capital and a net worth of $750,000 (per unit) to get started. To learn more about this our unique franchise opportunity, complete the form and we will be in touch within one business day. Or, if you just can’t wait, call 877-475-6300.